Trilogy Target

Trilogy Target

Formed to discover your competitive direct marketing advantages through our advanced data modeling and scoring techniques. Let our experts help you unlock higher response rates, lower your costs to aquire, and find new targets that traditional brokerage firms are just not able to offer.

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Evolution or revolution…however you want to define it, the simple fact is that the list services business is changing. It is no longer about list management and list brokerage…it is about data solutions.

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A delicate balance exists between your ability to market your list to other marketers, and protecting the integrity of your list and your own response program. Responsible management finds that balance, and maximizes revenue to your organization…> read more


Selecting the right lists is the cornerstone of any successful direct response acquisition program. Your acquisition program is the foundation of your entire response marketing program. Trilogy understands these simple data-driven principles… > read more


Contact us today to help you launch your next great project, or to analyze and strengthen your current program. Our recommendations are comprehensive and creative, and designed with your goals and objectives in focus at all times. > contact trilogy

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